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When It’s Time To Close Your Swimming Pool


Hard to believe it’s August already.  Seems like we were just opening our pools and celebrating Memorial Day.

Like the traditional opening of the swimming pool, how we close our pools is just as important.  The first thing we do in our household is to let our children and grandchildren know when we plan to close the pool for the winter.  This gives them a chance to get plenty of swim time in before we winterize the swimming pool.

Most years we close our pool the weekend after Labor Day.  But, because we also have a hot tub near our pool, I sometimes leave it open and swim until October.  I call it my “Swedish dip” approach.

The only problem with this approach is those years when October turns colder than usual.  Suffice it to say, if you have to wear mittens while closing your pool, you’ve waited a bit too long.

How you close your pool has a lot to do with how easy it is to open it next spring.  You can call us and schedule a Clearwater Pools   pool closing appointment to make sure everything is winterized and will be ready when it’s time to open next spring.  Or you can stop by the store and check out our Swimming Pool Winterizing kits and the variety of Bio Guard chemicals designed to keep your pool clean.

Be sure to bring a water sample.  It’s important that your water is chemically balanced before adding the winterizing chemicals and closing for the season.

For those folks who don’t have a pool but are thinking about how nice it would be to have a beautiful swimming pool right outside their door, our crews will still be installing new pools  in November. So call today to get on the list and be ready to enjoy your pool next spring.