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Time to Swim Before You Close Your Pool for the Season


We Still Have Swimming Weather Before We Have To Close Our Pools!


It’s August already.  Seems like we were just opening our pools and celebrating Memorial Day.

Looks like we will have some swimming weather left before we have to close the pool.  So visit Gary and the staff at Clearwater Pools to keep the water clear and ready to swim.

Our Grandchildren were over last night to swim. I plan to run my new Beluga pool heater and keep the pool open as long as possible.  Be sure to get your Beluga at Clearwater.

Even though I plan to swim for a few more weeks, I recommend contacting Clearwater and getting on their pool closing list before they are booked up. Proper pool closing helps protect pool equipment and makes opening the pool next spring much easier.

And don’t forget to order a replacement pool cover for the one that got shredded last winter.  This is at the top of my list.  Hard to close the pool without a cover and mine was totaled by the severe winter we had last season.

Enjoy your pool as long as you can.  Call Clearwater to help close it properly.  For you “do it yourselfers”, bring in your water samples and see our staff about pool closing kits and chemicals.

For those folks who don’t have a pool but are thinking about how nice it would be to have a beautiful swimming pool right outside their door, our crews will still be installing new pools  in November. So call today to get on the list.