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Polar BearThere’s plenty of good swimming time left for us hardy Michiganders! But when it’s time to close your pool be sure to call Clearwater Pools @ 888 533-7060 or 734 669-8990 and get on our swimming pool closing schedule.


If you’re a “do it yourselfer” bring in your water sample to make sure your balance is good before adding your closing chemicals.

Want to make sure your pool is easier to open next spring? Just add a WinterPill Winterizer. This nifty little product floats under your cover and distributes chemicals long after you’ve closed for the season. Use small pills for pools up to 15,000 gallons and large pills up to 30,000.

It also helps Spring openings if you can add chlorine at Thanksgiving and tax day. Call the store for open hours and pick up your chlorine.

Make sure your winter cover is in good shape. If your using a mesh cover and it’s old and worn, you’ll be surprised how clear your water is in spring if your replace it. Order a new one from Clearwater. You’ll be happy you did.

Most important is to make sure you, your children, and Grandchildren enjoy the pool for as long as possible. Don’t forget your Beluga solar pool heater. Now only $49.99